Kathy and Dave Sigman became seriously interested in photography while working as technicians in the Genetics Department of McGill University in Montreal, Canada in the late 1960s.. While there, they learned to develop and print film.

After marrying and moving to Guelph, Ontario while Kathy was studying Veterinary medicine, they set up a bathroom darkroom. They worked mostly in black and white but also progressed to printing colour photographs using a Kodak process.

They moved to Kingston, Ontario where Kathy practiced as a veterinarian while Dave taught high school math in Napanee. During that period they had little time for darkroom work and donated their enlarger to the high school art department. The feeling was that they would resume their photographic hobby after retiring assuming by then that the digital age would have arrived. That's exactly how it worked out.

As members of the Napanee Photo Club they have competed in club competitions and have exhibited there work in the annual club exhibition.

Both have had photos purchased for the hospital where the Exhibition is held.

We are active members of the Napanee Photo Club, www.napaneephotoclub.ca

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